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Economics Class

Economics is everywhere. She always can see you, but you may ignorant her. Have you ever thought of the following questions:

Why can Wal-mart always guarantee the lowest price? 
Why do the prices of gasoline seem to change so often?
Why do the government give consumers the tax credit for buying the plug-in, hybrids and electric cars? How will the incentive change the consumers' choice of cars?
 When you listen to the radio and watch the news,  you always can hear the terms "GDP, Inflation, Recession, Depression, Social Security, Retirement plan, Health Insurance". what do they mean?
All the questions can be answered, after you learn economics. Most excitingly, you will use the knowledge you learnt in the economics class to run your own business, assist your supervisor to make good economic and business decisions and help the policymakers to develop the effective and efficient policies to build a sustainable and happy society.
Are you ready? Let's enter the world of economics!

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