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What kind of job can economics major get?

Many students asked me "What kind of job can economics major get?". It is a really great question, because you should be curious about why you are working so hard to get a degree in economics. Generally speaking, economists are important in every industry. (After taking your principle of economics courses, you should know that the economics is not only a subject related to the money, but most importantly, it is a science of decision-making on how to best allocate the scarce resources.)

Being an economics major student, you can find a job in the following areas: Government, NGO, Nonprofit organization, Bank (commercial or investment bank), Environmental Science, Consulting Firms, Health Services, Entrepreneurs, International Trade (Commerce), Professor/Teachers. 

What are the most important skills and tasks you should learn for your economics major?

Data manipulation. An excellent quantitative skill is expected from your employer.

Understanding the economic theory and the application, especially the relationship. You need to be very familiar with how market participants are related and how the global economics are related etc...

Communication. You are learning two languages " economics" and "mathematics". When you start to work, you will be like a "translator". You translate the facts to "economics" and then translate to math model. After that, you solve the math model, translate the math results to the economics explanation, and exhibit the economics explanation to a well-written report or a well-organized presentation. 

Keeping the knowledge updated

Where can I find the job, if I am an economics major?

You can try the following website:

What is Dr. Jiang's teaching goal?

My teaching goal is to create an environment that stimulates students to learn and interact with the teacher. Although learning is the responsibility of students, an effective teacher can make the process enjoyable and efficient and help students to integrate the knowledge into their career planning and management. 


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