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ECON 340--Learning China's Business and Economic Development with Dr. Jingze Jiang

NOTE: Considering health risks students might face traveling to China , we have decided to postpone the trip. The new dates for China travel course will be announced, as we know scientists can find the cure and stop the spread of COVID-19. Students' health is my priority.

Please stay healthy and safe and thank you for your understanding.

Dr. Jiang


Dr. Jiang is an Associate Professor of Economics specialized in quantitative analysis, risk quantification, energy and environmental economics. She loves researching, teaching and of course, traveling. Traveling to different places has broadened her vision and social network. She loves meeting new friends, since she always can learn something from them. Being an educator, she is sharing her knowledge with her students. She designed this course for her students, hopes this special international experience will offer a new platform for her students to learn and to experience. This course will last for 5 weeks. Among these 5 weeks, we will spend 2 weeks in China to learn China’s business and economic development.

Please like her China travel facebook page " Travel to China with Dr. Jiang" to get the updated news about this course.

 This trip will include but not only include:

    1. Visiting JP Morgan Chase in China and networking with JP Morgan employees
    2. Meeting the Chinese college students (Hope you will make some Chinese friends after the trip. Since the visa is valid for ten years, you can go back to China anytime in the future ten years by yourself, and your Chinese friends may help you to navigate in China.)
    3. Experiencing the high-speed train (155–217 mph)
    4. Visiting the World Second Highest Building
    5. Visiting exterior of  Shanghai World Financial Center
    6. learning the Chinese culture such as Taiqi, Chinese Calligraphy, Making dumplings
    7. Climbing Mt. Tai
    8. Visiting  Great Wall
    9. Visiting Forbidden City
    10. Visiting Tiananmen Square
    11. Visiting Temple of Heaven
    12. Visiting exterior of 2008 Summer Olympic sites: Bird’s Nest& Water Cube

If you want to know more about this course, please send her an email at


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